Announcing: Digital Paper

Congratulations! You’ve found the very first post in this blog. There’s no computer science in this post—only a bit of philosophy on why this blog exists. And perhaps some justification for why you want a blog, too.

There are actually only two reasons I started this blog:

  1. Organization
  2. Public availability

1. Organization

Right now, I’m a mathematical scribbler. When I write math, it fills up tons of pages, proves theorems, but is often mostly indecipherable afterwards. This blog is to be my “digital paper”, filled with high-quality scribbling only. In this way, this blog is for me: I can keep track of the things I work on.

2. Public Availability

On my messy sheets of paper are many interesting ideas that are invariably lost to the confines of my desk (and eventually, my recycling bin). Through this blog I can share these ideas with my friends and colleagues. Mathematics is an activity reliant on communication; this blog has ready-made content for me to let others know what I’ve been thinking about.


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